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2016 portfolio and case studies
Image of NYVSC Website

New York Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center

NYVSC hired us to overhaul their old website. They wanted a much fresher feel and easy-to-read layout for their customers. Based on consumer and competitor research we suggested new brand color palette, fonts, and graphics. Since most of the users utilize mobile devices to browse; It was a must for an emergency health center to have a fluid layout website that was properly displaying, and functioning on a mobile device. So we created a highly efficient layout, with services prioritized and optimized for mobile. Need to get there fast? Tap their address and it immediately launches Google Maps on the device and begins routing. Similarly, if you want to call them, A user can simply tap the dial icon or the phone number and it dials it for you. These shortcuts help save time and give a user frustration-free experience.

Image of Fur and Paws Project

Fur and Paws

As a start-up store, it is crucial you come into the market with better solutions for customers. After conducting research on the target market needs and the subject matter; it was crucial to redesign the entire brand identity. The overall look was much cuter and pleasing to the target audience thus attracting more traffic. Several unique features were added which set them apart from their competitors such as Request-A-Pet and the ability to make deposits through their website. The website was redesigned based on a fluid grid layout to cater the increasing use of tablets and mobile devices. We also redesigned packaging for their products and advertising material. We studied their application process and determined the needs much user-friendly forms and literature. See PDF for more details.

Images of Parallel Mobile App

Parallel Parking App

Parallel is a smartphone app that makes NYC curbside parking quick and convenient. It guides drivers by locating valid parking spaces and saves time by avoiding complicated parking signs. It is one less distraction on city’s chaotic streets. Curbside parking is an alternative to expensive parking garages/lots, and the app helps save money by preventing parking tickets. We developed a micro-site to unify the content, increase traffic and distribute the app. It will state the purpose, and the problem the app solves. It will also list features and provide short videos to show how to use the features. The homepage will showcase a teaser video which will grab a user’s attention, and grow user interest. The microsite will feature a gallery to show screenshots with the app in use. The site will provide a bridge to the App Store, and a way to immediately purchase and download it. The micro-site will also have a FAQ’s page that will help users understand the application better before the launch and a contact form for technical support after the launch. The micro-site will also be optimized for search engines to keep it relevant to the subject matter. Download PDF for more details.

Images of Empire Packaging

Product Packaging

EPK-16000 was a marketing/advertising project by Empire Scientific for a unique product. Reaching mainstream market with a new technology is always a big challenge. Successful launch does not only require a flawless product, but also a strong marketing/advertising strategy. We designed packaging for the EPK-16000 that simplified the features and prioritized the specifications based on extensive research. Part of the research was surveying the retail stores who are on the front end of sales, and better understand how consumers perceive a product. We asked them a simple question: "What will your customers ask about this product?". The answers helped us significantly in prioritizing content, and providing them with a simple approach, we named the product 'Power Kit'.

Images of Empire Literature

Product Literature

Part of the EPK-16000 project was the challenge to synthesize extensive information related to the product in an organized, and user-friendly fashion, then to take that information and create a user manual that was easy for consumers to understand, and a six page sales booklet with diagrams, product images, and extensive detail for the sales team. Check out the final result: User Manual / Sales Booklet

Image of Advertising Poster

Parallel Park App Print Advertising

Parallel aims to communicate reliability, convenience and affordability of product to educate potential users on what the application has to offer that differs from competitors, thus increasing popularity before the launch of the product through means of various digital and print channels. Our solution for was to create a poster that shows a car covered with parking tickets alongside a confusing parking sign.  Simple, and straightforward.

Images of Leather Paws Website

Leather Paws

Leather Paws was a new start-up when they started selling handmade leather dog accessories. We helped the company optimize their stores across different platforms including Etsy. We helped them with product photography, and search engine optimization of their product listings. We also created a microsite that serves as their call-to-action channel from their Instagram and Facebook account. We launched their social media marketing campaign and automated their procedures to help save time. Within two weeks Leather Paws had 800 followers on Instagram, and a 40% increase in sales by simply optimizing using our SEO strategies.

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